Polaris International was founded and established by Mr. Daniel Faians, the company President. With over twenty eight years of experience and "Know How" in the tourist travel and aviation industry, the company created and assisted foreign travel and airline companies in the establishment of a commercial foothold in Israel. This was an important part of the company's work throughout the years, and will continue to be so in the future. We place great emphasis on the spirit of mutual cooperation within the industry itself.

In 1992 Mr. Joel Sagi joined Polaris as a partner , as a result of fulfilling a great diversity of requests from companies abroad, searching for a professional firm to handle their specific travel requirements, the company expanded and established the Incoming Tourist Department handling receptive travel to Israel and the neighboring countries.

The company specializes in complete travel arrangements in Israel including programs for Pilgrims, Christian travel, FIT packages fitted to individual taste. No request is considered too trivial in this respect.

Joining the Pilgrim traffic you may get a rich experience of cultural, historical, spiritual and emotional significance. Offering high-quality services our company provides well-organized tours led by professional guides, each of them speaking several foreign languages. Choosing different destinations in the Holy Land you get a maximum that any tourist can get as we recognize the significant responsibility towards every traveler visiting our country.

This side by side with aviation consultancy Outbound wholesale and the management of "Ad Hoc" operation of tourist projects for the trade.

The company enjoys an excellent reputation among travel agents and the entire travel industry.